Stone coated steel roof tile

1.Stone coated steel roof tile introduction

Stone coated steel roof tile is a brand new roofing material produced with durable galvanized steel plate and takes the high 

quality watercraft acrylic resin as the adhesives,the weather resistant nature color sand or dyed nature sand as the surface 

layer through unique technics丨 is high technological product combining creation,composito 


Stone coated steel roof tile has both the natural.good properties of traditional roof clay tiles and the excellent lightf

strong,dur­able performance of modern metal is currently the main high-grade roof materials in the world.

Stone coated steel roof tile is suitable not only for roof slope projects of various styles and types(wooden.steel structured.con* 

crete)of buildings,but also applies to the buildings4local decoration.etc The material is environment friendly and does no harm 

to people and environment.

2.Characteristics of colorful-stone coated metal roof tile 

1 Beautiful appearance

2 Longlife time

3 Lighter weight

4 Construction simple

5 Energy conservation and environment protection

3.colorful-stone coated metal roof tile installation



4.Packing and shipping

Using wooend pallet Packaging, every pallet out 500PCS