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Our block making machine

Dongyue Machinery Group focuses brick development for many years, accumulated a lot of experience in the industry, the company developed the automatic block making machine, semi-automatic block making machine, mobile block making machine, hydraulic block molding machine four series, 16 section models.


Block Making Investment Suggestion

As the machinery manufacturing corporation established in the early stage, our company attracts new clients .while retaining the regular clients by ceaselessly offering high quality products, top-grade after-sale service.Our products have been regarded as the quality branded products for many times. In the company, a wide range of products are available, including block making machine, block moulding machine, mixer, conveyor, and many more. In especial, our seif-developed semi or full automaticmoulding machine production line is unique in design, reliable in performance, easy in operation. Consequently, it is warmly welcomed by the users, and has been exported to many countries, for instance, West Africa, India, etc. Moreover, this production line has won a number of national and international patents.

To offer the convenience for (hose people who are willing to set up the block making factory, we have professional consultants to offer the free consultation service. They will make you know more about the factory that you want to invest in. In this regard, we have specially compiled the Block Making Investment Suggestion for you.

Factory Size and Block Making Machine Selection


Requirement of Establishing the Block Making Factory

1.Make sure the convenient transportation for raw materials and finished product.

2.The power supply should be 380V, and the capacity is 30KVA. Both of them can be adjusted according to the actual conditions of different countries.

3.Ensure the flatness of the production place. Place should be big enough for the block natural curing.

4.Water supply is necessary. Generally, tap water is feasible.

5.The equipment should be installed inside the factory.

6.The factory site should be near to the highways, but away from the residential areas.


Block sample

Company production of various types of mold can produce about brick installation Related Brick

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